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Player creates 210 real life day-long ride from hell in Rollercoaster Tycoon

Some people just like to watch the world burn.

Rollercoaster Tycoon creates 210 real life day-long ride from hell

There's something in simulation games that can bring out either the best or worst in us. We lock our Sims in swimming pools with no ladder or we put theme park goers on roller-coasters that will most definitely end with them hurtling into a lake. Remember that one time a park patron didn't like a ride? Yeah, he vanished without a trace. 

All of this pales in comparison to what one unnamed Rollercoaster Tycoon player has built. Taking to 8chan, the unnamed individual - let's call him Lucifer - revealed his latest creation, Kairos - The Slow. This roller-coaster is said to take 210 real-life days to complete.

This isn't Lucifer's first attempt at making a horribly long roller-coaster, his first attempt resulted in the The Wheel Of Life And Death roller-coaster that took 60 real-life hours to complete. While Lucifer's post has since been buried on 8chan, a user with a kind soul reblogged Lucifer's post to Tumblr (via Motherboard), along with the a video showing off Kairos

“Gentlemen, I have done it. I have found a way to go slower than was ever thought possible.

You may remember from a few threads ago I made a vintage cars that used all the object data on the largest map possible - “The Wheel Of Life And Death”. The slowest ride with the longest possible track. at the time time I though this was the slowest you could go but I found a way to go slower.

When a roller coaster travels along a track of constant height its speed exponentially decays towards zero but never stops

With this in mind I build a spiral track on the biggest map. The train comes out of the station and hits breaks with slow it down to 4mph. then it travels along the track, always losing speed but never stopping, until it gets to the center. where it rolls back and does the spiral again until it gets back to the station. Calculations show that it would take 210 days to finish. not in game days. real life days.

Kairos - the slow

Just for comparison. Mr. Bones takes about - 70 minutes to complete. Wheel of life - 60 hours (3600 minutes) and Kairos - 210 days (303383 minutes).”

For reference, here's The Wheel Of Life And Death.

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