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Play Rock Band 2 with HIM

March 15, 2010

Play Rock Band 2 with HIM

Hard-rocking Finnish band HIM, fresh off the release of their seventh full-length album Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, will play Xbox LIVE Gold Members in Rock Band 2 in Game with Fame. If you're a Gold Member (if you're not a Member, upgrade now!) join us Thursday, March 25 starting at 9:00 P.M. ET and meet the band.

Send a friend request to the following Gamertag and be online half an hour before (8:30 P.M. ET) the Game with Fame session starts:


Finnish rock band HIM was formed in 1991, releasing their first album, Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666, in 1997. They followed that up with a series of dark and brooding hard rock albums garnering them a worldwide crowd of fans who can't get enough of their sound. HIM became the first Finnish band to ever have a record certified Gold in the United States with their 2006 release, Dark Light. The new album, Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, released in February of this year, and they'll be heading out on a tour of the U.S. from the end of March through early May. Frontman Ville Valo describes their new work as "melancholic levity," and goes on to say, "It's way more tragic to see the light at the end of the tunnel, like if you know there's something better but you can't reach it. There's the urgency that there are things we want on a personal and spiritual level, that there is a possibility of swimming to shore, so to speak, but the beach is very far away and filled with natives with spears and shotguns. It's like the old torture method when you're in shackles and chains, tied to four horses dragging you into four directions to tear you apart. That's the vibe I wanted for this album." Well.

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