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Play Marbles by Darkside Entertainment on iPhone and iPod Touch

July 30, 2009

Knuckle down and let the good times roll!

Play Marbles by Darkside Entertainment is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Darkside Entertainment Ltd and Eclipse Interactive Ltd announced today that the new title, Play Marbles, is now available on the App Store priced at just 1.19 ($1.99.) Simple to pick up and play, Play Marbles follows the tradition of competition, sportsmanship, and good clean fun. Play Marbles offers a simple yet hugely addictive game of skill, determination and imagination. Play Marbles recreates the simplicity of the original game and provides a slew of fresh content, customization, and the ability to connect and compete with friends. Regular upgrades, with a large variety of new collectibles, game arenas; play modes and customizable features will keep the game fresh and amusing.

There's a lot here for both avid marbles fans and novice marble rollers alike, with an expanding array of unique and themed marbles for players to unlock and collect. These sets will range from new themes, specialist advertising marbles, marbles of particular rarity or historical value, and player customized marbles (created by importing photos). Players will also be able to design their own personal limited edition Marbles sets.

The game’s intuitive controls and simplified interface allow for a quick learning curve, which means players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy this game. Easily accessible, but tough to master, Play Marbles is perfect for casual and core gamers to play together.

Darkside Entertainment will soon be launching the Play Marbles web site and announcing the Pimp Your Marbles Design Contest, inviting everyone to show off their creative skills by designing a set of marbles  for inclusion in the Play Marbles game. Darkside Entertainment is hoping that Play Marbles will demonstrate that marbles are fun to look at, fun to play with, fun to collect, and now fun to create.

“Many people have forgotten the sport of marbles; it’s been overshadowed for years by video games and other high-tech pastimes and we’d like to bring marbles back into style.“ said Nic Garner, Managing Director of Darkside Entertainment. “Play Marbles is a simple concept, providing an entertaining game, which makes playing marbles fun again. We believe that Play Marbles will enchant marbles fans new and old, players, collectors, and dealers, and anyone simply delighted by the lighthearted appeal of these splendid glass spheroids in all their beauty.

 “ One of the most satisfying and rewarding aspects of Play Marbles is collecting and designing your own marbles. The marbles are the stars of Play Marbles and sport a little more personality than your average marble. Everyone can insert themselves into a marble and roll with it, and potentially design and own their own unique and exclusive marble sets. The beauty of a marble is that any design can be placed inside or around it. It therefore lends itself perfectly to in-game advertising. Consequently, Darkside Entertainment is encouraging advertisers to consider sponsoring future marble sets, arenas, and contests. If you haven’t got any marbles (or indeed if you’ve lost yours) then try Play Marbles; customize your own marbles and roll your way to victory.

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