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Play Madden NFL '09 with Killswitch Engage

July 23, 2009

Play Madden NFL '09 with Killswitch Engage

One of the leading bands of the New Wave of American metal, Killswitch Engage, will play Madden NFL 09 with Xbox LIVE Gold members July 29 in preparation for the upcoming NFL season and the release of Madden NFL 10. If you're an Xbox LIVE Gold Member (if not, upgrade now!), and you want a chance to play with Killswitch Engage, send a friend request to the following Gamertag (Killswitch GWF1)  and be online half an hour before (1:00 P.M. ET) the Game with Fame session starts on Wednesday, July 29, 1:30 P.M. ET.

Howard Jones (vocals), Adam Dutkiewicz (guitar), Joel Stroetzel (guitar), Mike D'Antonio (bass), and Justin Foley (drums) make up the influential band Killswitch Engage and they have just released their fifth major studio album Killswitch Engage. Previous efforts included their debut which was also self-titled, Alive or Just Breathing (2002), The End of Heartache (2004), and As Daylight Dies (2006). The new record uses an outside producer, Brendan O'Brien, for the first time, and Dutkiewicz says the band was striving for a new level. "We wanted to redefine who we are a little bit," he says, "We did that by taking time to write together instead of showing up and putting parts together." Guitarist Stroetzel notes the differences, "There's some more spacey, ambient stuff in the background, but not in the main parts. It's heavy and guitar-driven, but it's a lot more textured." Frontman Jones appreciates the changes but notes that the band is still Killswitch Engage. "It's still the same lunkheaded guys who get on stage and make fun of each other," he says, "Nothing has really changed, except we have a few more people who like us and we're lucky."

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