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Play Halo 3 with Innerpartysystem

January 7, 2009

Play Halo 3 with Innerpartysystem

Electro-punk artists Innerpartysystem will be on Xbox LIVE January 8 to play members in Halo 3. If you're an Xbox LIVE Gold member, and you want a chance to play with Innerpartysystem, send a friend request to the following Gamertags and be online half an hour before (12:30 P.M.) the Game with Fame session starts on Thursday, January 8, 1:00 P.M. ET.

The band, named after the ruling party in George Orwell's book 1984, is having a blast having just released their self-titled debut album. The band consists of Patrick Nissley (vocals), Jarred Piccone (drums), Kris Barman (synth and guitar), and Jesse Cronan (synth and samples). The band speaks as one unit, and shuns individuality. They say, "We're keeping it DIY, doing shows wherever and whenever we can. When you see us, there's a real aggressive vibe in some ways to what we do, and then there's also this party atmosphere. It's that old 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. kind of vibe. The lights never stop. It's a huge party ... and it takes the spotlight off of us, and puts it on the music, where it belongs." If you get a chance to play with Innerpartysystem, we want to hear about it! Send us an e-mail with the subject: "GWF - Innerpartysystem." Be sure to include your Gamertag and home town.

Look for the Gamertags Innerparty GWF, Innerparty GWF2 (**please note space between Innerparty and GWF)

Check out the band's Emerging Artist page:

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