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Play the Canceled Glover 2 Game


During the Nintendo 64's run, the 3D platformer was my genre of preference. I absolutely loved games like Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, and Donkey Kong 64. One title that eluded me, however, was Glover. I never did get the chance to play that. And though I'm certain it probably doesn't hold up especially well these days, I've made it a goal of mine to someday shell out the cash for a used copy.

I always wanted to play that game as a kid, and now my interest has returned. Glover was supposed to get a sequel, but that game was canceled, ending the short career of the four-fingered protagonist. Thanks to the power of the internet, though, the Glover 2 prototype has been uploaded for your downloading pleasure.

NES World managed to snag the prototype version of the game, and now the web is host to some gameplay footage as well as a free download of what would have been Glover 2. If you care to play the prototype, you can download it for yourself and see what could have been. If you'd rather just see the game in action, check out some gameplay footage on YouTube.

Glover 2 seemed like the typical 3D platformer, boasting colorful and polygonal environments. There were also a bunch of collectibles, which we all remember being a major part of the genre. Admittedly, the prototype doesn't look all that awesome in terms of gameplay, but it's still pretty cool to come across. I have the urge to hook up my Nintendo 64 and play some Banjo-Kazooie now.

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