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Platinum Games wants Metal Gear Rising on Xbox One's backwards compatibility, but it's not up to them

That ball is in Konami's court

Remember Metal Gear Rising? That hack n' slash game with that awkward word (revengeance) at the end of its title? Yeah, that one. Thankfully its gameplay was so good that it made you forget its name and because of that, developer Platinum Games would like to see the game come to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility program.

Jean Pierre Kellams of Platinum Games caught up with the folks at Windows Central and had this to say about the game's future. He said:

"Totally up to Konami. Personally, I loved Metal Gear Rising, it was so cool to see my name in the credits of a Metal Gear game. So, if it's backward compatible? I think that would be awesome. But you know, Metal Gear is in an interesting place, but I hope that Konami kinda sees it to bring it out, and let a whole new generation experience that game."
While it wasn't a true Metal Gear Solid game, Metal Gear Rising was a solid action game in its own right, featuring the cyborg ninja, Raiden and some incredibly deep and responsive sword swiping mechanics. We really liked Metal Gear Rising when it released back in 2012, so if you want more information on the game, head over to our official review.

Source: Windows Central

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