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Plantronics headsets and League of Legends get in bed together for Season 3


In my highly biased opinion, I would like to think that any brand would want to get close with Riot Games and specifically League of Legends. As the game just continuously snowballs at a massive rate in popularity, you’d think companies would be selling their new born for branding rights with them. Rumpelstiltskin-esque activities aside, just today Plantronics and League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) have partnered for Season 3.

 “At Plantronics, we are big League of Legends fans and players, so we are particularly thrilled to be the official headset partner of the League of Legends Championship Series,” said Chuck Frizelle, head of gaming at Plantronics. “Our headsets offer competitors a true esports tournament headset –designed to provide outstanding audio quality in the noisiest LAN environments, while fitting comfortably for marathon gaming sessions.”

“We wanted an official headset partner that produced a headset made specifically for esports professional gamers, while also offering quality headsets to our audience at all gaming levels and price points,“ said Dustin Beck, vice president of esports at Riot Games. “Partnering with Plantronics, we are able to provide an exceptional audio experience for our players throughout the Championship Series.”

With LoL as the current world’s most played game, this speaks good things for Plantronics. This partnership means you’ll see a whole lot more Plantronics headsets at events where LoL has a strong presence. These venues include Gamescom, PAX Prime, and the League of Legends World Championship.   

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