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Plant the Seeds of an Empire in Settlement: Colossus for PC

February 11, 2010

Plant the Seeds of an Empire in Settlement: Colossus for PC

An All-New Bounty Bestowed by Casual Gaming God Alawar Entertainment Available Now

A fledgling empire in an untamed paradise awaits your decree in Settlement: Colossus, the latest offering for PC from Alawar Entertainment, one of the world’s leading publishers of casual games. This captivating adventure is available now for download exclusively at for only $9.95.

Cursed by his god, robbed of his true love and with his once proud and shining city laid to ruin by his enemies, a 300-year-old emperor is forced to search for a new homeland in Settlement: Colossus. After years of wandering and hardship, he and his small band of loyal followers discover a ripe, uninhabited plain. In this innovative combination of hidden object and strategy game play, players gather resources, solve puzzles and research new materials, guiding the efforts of these pilgrims to construct a new and thriving city and complete the emperor’s mission to win back his god’s favor.

Key Features:

  • Challenge both your mind and your powers of perception as you gather 7,000+ hidden items and play over 50 mini-games.

  • Discover 30 different types of life-saving resources, along with special tools, charms and magical items that will help your settlers thrive.

  • Explore 62 lush and gorgeous locations, accompanied by the game’s beguiling soundtrack and ambient effects.

  • Research, invent and advance your civilization with more than 100 upgrades, optimizing the allocation of resources.

  • Collect 14 trophies by completing various challenges and become a true champion of the people.

“The developers at Alawar Five-BN impressed us yet again with their creative blending of two of our most popular game genres,” said Kirill Plotnikov, Alawar’s vice president of publishing. “We’re proud to offer Settlement: Colossus as the latest in a long line of compelling casual game experiences from one of our top internal development studios.”

Settlement: Colossus intertwines the fun of hidden object games and the satisfaction of city-building strategy with the thread of an engaging storyline to weave an enchanting tapestry enjoyable by all ages. Settlement: Colossus is available for download now at and will launch on other major download portals later this month.

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