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Planetstorm Players Wage One Millionth Online Battle

March 31, 2009


In just two months since the games release, Planetstorm, the epic online war between man and machine, has reached an exciting milestone by hosting its one millionth in-game battle over the weekend. Planetstorm is a free to play, massively multiplayer online collectible card game (CCG) developed by Austin-based Challenge Online Games, Inc , (Challenge Games).

For Planetstorm to see its one millionth in-game battle after being released just two months ago is testament to the high level of strategy and the quality of gameplay we deliver, says Matt Deegler, Planetstorm Game Lead. Planetstorm battles can be played in 5-10 minute increments providing compelling, strategic gameplay when gamers dont have hours to devote to a typical MMORPG grind.

In Planetstorm, the once lush world is in ruins, having been ravaged by generations of Man versus Machine warfare. It is now up to every player to customize their character, build a team to crush the Machines and take hold of the fate of humanity, or take the side of the Machines and crush the last remnants of the human race. Planetstorm is a strategy game where your victory depends on exploiting your opponents weaknesses and getting strong cards into play as quickly as possible. To acquire rewards and advance gampelay, players can compete in single player challenges and competitive ladder tournaments, collect and trade cards of varying levels of rarity and buy in-game currency to purchase new card packs. Daily missions reward players for specific tasks and players can receive up to three free packs per day!

Planetstorm can be played for free directly from any web browser, or through Planetstorms integration of Facebook Connect. A Facebook user can simply click to register and a fully authenticated Planetstorm account will be created within seconds. To play Planetstorm for free, visit  or on Facebook at

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