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Planetstorm Besieged by Alien Invasion in First Expansion Set

April 24, 2009

Planetstorm Besieged by Alien Invasion in First Expansion Set

Otherworldly Beings Join the Epic Online Battle

Challenge Online Games, Inc. today unleashes a swarm of aliens into Planetstorm, the online trading card game science fiction saga, with the game’s first expansion set, Invasion. With the introduction of 13 alien races, the epic battle between man and machine now has company.

The aliens are actually the puppet masters behind this war that has been waged for several generations, but the man versus machine struggle has begun to bore them. The alien faction is becoming divided, their fleet dilapidated. However, Invasion’s aliens specialize in blending organic and metal technology, and excel at psychological warfare, mind control and healing, giving them an advantage over their human and machine subjects.

“What the Kollective and Machines consider the ‘war,’ the aliens consider the ‘experiment,’” says Matt Deegler, Game Lead for Planetstorm. “The introduction of this new alien faction not only develops the Planetstorm story with an interesting twist, but Invasion will add a depth to gameplay not previously seen before in the game.”

Planetstorm Invasion includes:

  • New playable alien faction with brand new abilities.

  • New equipment and tactics.

  • 186 new cards.

  • 30 new missions.

  • New achievements.

  • New tournament competitions.

Planetstorm was released just two months ago, and has already seen more than one million battles take place in its science fiction universe. Combining the best of strategy games with a massively multiplayer online trading card game, Planetstorm plays directly within your Internet browser, or through Planetstorm’s integration with Facebook Connect. Players receive free card packs upon registration, as well as free packs for in-game achievement. Visit to register today, get free stuff and join the Invasion!

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