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PlanetSide 2 will have incentives for PS Plus members


When PlanetSide 2 launches for PS4 later this year, it will be free for everyone regardless if you're a PlayStation Plus member or not. However, PS Plus members will receive some sort of incentive for playing, according to PlanetSide 2 executive producer Clint Worley. Additionally, there's going to be a different membership program for the game, separate from the SOE All-Access Pass (since that only applies to PC), that's going to be available for all PS4 players.

"We're going to have incentives for PlayStation Plus users and then we're also going to have a membership program that's going to be available to anyone," Worley explained. "If they become a member then they'll get incentives, but we're not sure what the timeframe is.

"Like on the PC side, we've had some programs where they'd get some sort of thing monthly," he said. "And usually that comes in the form of cosmetics." Though he couldn't get into specifics, Worley assured that the incentives would not be "game-changing things," but things that will give "little boosts here and there."

Worley did clarify that the SOE All-Access Pass "won't apply to PlanetSide 2 [on PS4]," and that the game will instead operate with a membership similar to that of DC Universe Online.

"DCUO is separate and I think everything we're doing is probably going to be very similar to the way DCUO does things. A lot of that's because of the same platform. I think ideally we'd all like being under one big thing, but I think there's some technical things with account management," Worley said.

PlanetSide 2 still doesn't have a release date for PS4, but I was promised that it's "definitely" coming in 2014. At E3 last week, SOE provided me with a quick update on what the team is working on, while giving me a chance to go hands-on with the game on PS4. It played well for the most part -- responsive controls, solid frame rate, and impressive visuals -- though there were some hiccups in the UI that need to be ironed out before release.

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