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Planet Calypso Goes to Version 10.2

November 6, 2009

Planet Calypso Goes to Version 10.2

Players can once again start collecting Vibrant Sweat

First Planet Company announced today that version 10.2 is available for download. Planet Calypso is free to download and can now be played with no initial investment of money from the player.

The biggest news is the return of being able to collect "Vibrant Sweat". Vibrant sweat, life force - it has many names, this substance that is so unique to Calypso is able to be collected by colonists and sold to others. They can then use it for the production of mind essence, an essential ingredient in utilizing the colonists' latent psychic powers. Every colonist will find a brand new, free VSE Mk 1 Extractor Tool in their inventory when they log in. Due to its recent scarcity, the demand for Vibrant Sweat is currently high, so if there's one time to hurry and earn PED's it's now.

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