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PixelJunk Monsters Gets Browser-Based Version


The PixelJunk series is going in a slightly different direction in the near future. Not in terms of gameplay, though--no, this is much different than game mechanics. It turns out developer Q-Games has decided to launch PixelJunk Monsters on the PC.

Titled PixelJunk Monsters: Social Network Version, the game will offer the quirky look and gameplay that the series is known for. The game will be free, and it will run as a standard browser-based title. From the sound of things, it seems that this will be a remake of the very first game in the series.

Q-Games made the big announcement regarding this version of PixelJunk Monsters at the Casual Connect conference. This will be the first non-PlayStation release in the series. It should be interesting seeing how this iteration of the game pulls in new fans through the social media spectrum.

Q-Games will launch PixelJunk Monsters: Social Network Version later this year. It's good to see a reputable dev releasing a quality title on the social gaming market. Watch out for it.

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