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Pixel Piracy developers provide torrent link of their game — insist 'we aren't high'

Pixel Piracy

Indie developer Solidust has posted a torrent link for its 2D side-scrolling roguelike-like Pixel Piracy on its own website. The company is even personally seeding the game.

"We aren't idiots, we aren't high," wrote developers Vitali Kirpu and Alexander Poysky. "We believe that anyone who wants to pirate our game will do so anyways, and feel it's a much safer bet to offer those people the official link to our game in hopes that they keep their computer's virus free."

Ironically, Pixel Piracy is a game about controlling a pirate ship crew and sailing through dangerous sea zones, each procedurally generated.

Solidust has suggested ways that people who like their game can support them without making a purchase.

"Steam Greenlight is very important to us right now, and a vote for it DOES make a difference, and your warm reception on our IndieDB review page is what pushed us to initially take this decision," reads the post. "Not everything is about money, and we want to thank those that pirate our title and actually give them the opportunity to do so with our blessing, while giving them an opportunity to actually make good on the piracy itself."

You can find Pixel Piracy on Steam Greenlight here.

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