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Pitchford: Gearbox 'overspent' on Homeworld remastering


We haven't heard much of Homeworld since Gearbox acquired the franchise from THQ last year. Aside from plans of bringing Homeworld and Homeworld 2 to "today's leading digital platforms," not much has been said of Gearbox's work -- until now. Apparently the studio has "overspent" on remastering the two games.

Don't, for one second, think that Pitchford means that in a bad way. Speaking to Polygon, the Gearbox CEO seemed pretty excited when talking about the remastering.

"So we invested a lot to remaster the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2. We'll be releasing them on digital platforms in fully remastered — not just ported to work, but fully remastered. If you have a new crazy-ass Nvidia 780TI or an Nvidia Titan and you happen to have one of those $3,000 4K monitors, you're going to see an unbelievable image," Pitchford said.

"We went nuts in the high-definition treatment on this," he added. "It's really UHD, not just HD. That's too low. We got with the original audio guys and remastered all the audio. It's really impressive."

Though financial motivations likely played a role in Gearbox acquiring Homeworld, a lot of it also had to do with Brian Martel, the company's Chief Creative Officer, being a huge fan of the game.

"He's overspent because he wants to right by his own interest in the property," Pitchford concluded. Unfortunately, the Homeworld remakes don't yet have a release date.

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