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Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball Coming to XBLA Sept 3

August 8, 2008

Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball Coming to XBLA Sept 3

Gamecock has announced that the Blazing Lizard developed title Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball is scheduled to become available for download on Xbox Live Arcade on September 3.

In the last couple of months the folks at Blazing Lizard have been hard at work adding in a slew of new features, like:

  • The option to have more than one ball in play – In single player, choose to have from 1 to 5 balls. In online multiplayer, the number of balls in play is determined by the team size (from 2-5 balls).

  • Traditional Dodgeball mode – This is old-school dodgeball with the field split down the middle. Characters cannot use special moves, and are automatically forced back to their side of the field if they cross the line.

  • Enhanced Dodgeball mode – This mode is similar to Traditional Dodgeball mode except characters can use special moves, and if you cross the middle line, you’re given a three second countdown before being forced to drop any balls in your hand and return to your side of the court.

All that as players choose from 4 teams - Pirates, Ninjas, Zombies and Robots – and battle it out in large, beautifully rendered arenas. Teams will consist of up to 4 players, each with a unique special move, back-story and personality. Players can also get close to opponents and use combat moves to gain the edge in the ultimate dodgeball experience.

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