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Pirates of the Burning Sea: Avatar Combat Revision

October 14, 2008

Pirates of the Burning Sea: Avatar Combat Revision

Major avatar combat revisions are in development for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Kevin Maginn, Lead Designer at Flying Lab Software, has written a new development log on the subject for Pirates of the Burning Sea located at

Here’s a clip:

“Over the last few months, I’ve been working almost completely off the radar on just that: a major iteration of the avatar combat system. At the same time, most of the content team has been doing the same for the avatar missions; the animation team has been revising all the swordfighting animations; the UI team has been revising the UI and the particle effects; and the sound team has been iterating all the sounds of avatar combat.

In short, we’ve been stripping avatar combat down to its foundation and building up again. We’ve learned a lot from the first major iteration of the system; we know what worked and what didn’t, what was fun and what was dull. We’ve gathered a lot of feedback from you as well as feedback from our internal test team. We’ve applied that knowledge to create a new system that (in my naturally biased opinion) is much more fun and engaging, as well as easier to learn and easier to use.”

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