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Pikmin 3 gets new DLC on December 2

pikmin 3 dlc

Nintendo's Bill Trinen announced today during Nintendo Direct that more DLC is coming for owners of Pikmin 3

What's included in the third set of DLC? It will add eight more stages to Mission mode -- four Battle Enemies and four Collect Treasure. The new levels will take place in new environments like beaches, a construction site and the inside of someone's house. 

But wait, there's more! There's a new stage where you control the leader of the Pikmin from Pikmin and Pikmin 2 -- Olimar. Some levels players will have to scout out Louie, Olimar's assistant. Then, if players find Louie and bring him back to the base, they'll be able to control Louie. 

The DLC will launch alongside a software update in December. Players will get one Battle Enemies stage and one Collect Treasure stage for free. Both of them will be set in the "Fortress of Festivity" environment, which is Christmas-themed. 

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