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Pig Dipper update adds 30 aquatic levels to Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

Rovio has released a new level pack for Angry Birds Space that brings a splash to the puzzle game.

But how can they explain water in space, you say? Well, apparently the birds have discovered a galaxy where the planets are made entirely of water. Makes sense.

The gameplay twist makes it so that players have to balance the forces of gravity and buoyancy against one another. The Pig Dipper update comes with 30 new levels and a couple power-ups as well.

The Flock of Birds ability lets you transform one bird into many, and Pig Puffer makes the pigs bloat up and float. The Space Egg creates black holes.

Complete all 30 levels, and you'll unlock an extra three. The pack also includes a boss fight.

The update is available now for iOS devices and soon for those running Android.

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