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Pictures from E3 2012: Day 3

E3 was a blast and we love bringing you guys all of the news and previews from this weeks events!

Andrew gets his power loader face on!

Master Chief makes an appearance for his fans!

The rally club brought to you by Focus ST.

Nothing better than seeing Master Chief taking center stage again.

Matt meets with Stephanie from Focus Home Interactive and sees their awesome new line-up of games.

The GameZone guys get a hands on of the new Epic Mickey 2 game.

Matt and Lance try their hand at some Epic Mickey Co-op.

Mike loves cute bears!

Far Cry 3 had a good showing at E3 2012!

Everyone makes their final rounds at E3, getting a last glimpse next years hot games.

Stay tuned for GameZone's E3 wrap-up and find out who we thought won and lost at E3 2012.

Mike Meredith
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