news\ May 14, 2014 at 8:55 pm

Pick up a Nintendo 2DS for a mere $99, but act fast


Nintendo’s newest system is already slim enough, but a new deal from Target has brought the 2DS into the fabled realm of double digits.

Typically $129.99, Nintendo 2DS systems are currently being sold for $99 at Target—a $30 discount bringing the system back to its Black Friday range. Although your local store may be participating in the deal, but your best bet is to shop online.

Unfortunately, the deal does not pertain to the Pokemon X & Y 2DS bundles that Nintendo introduced last holiday season. However, with Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire seeing full remakes, it’s likely that someone in the DS family will see a bundling soon. And seeing as how the 2DS was designed for kids in the first place, the little cheese-wedge handheld tops the list of candidates.


Austin Wood
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