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Phil Spencer on console wars: 'Great Games' should not be outweighed by a 'Piece of Plastic'

You're preaching to the choir, Phil.

If only it were so easy, but fans and competing companies being what they are, console wars are very much a thing. Even if Xbox Head Phil Spencer is not a fan. Earlier today, Phil Spencer engaged in a discussion with fans on Twitter in regards to some praise he gave to the recently released Little Nightmares. One fan claimed that Spencer "got hate for promoting Little Nightmares from a fanboy," which is odd considering the game is available on every major platform but the Nintendo Switch.  

Spencer's response couldn't have been more on point.

It's hard to go against Spencer's logic, but ultimately it feels like a pipe dream. Until people stop caring about owning something that's perceived to be better than another person, or group of people (which will never happen), console wars will always be a thing. 

Spencer himself is widely known as a very active person on social media, regularly engaging fan questions and thoughts. He recently commented that Scorpio shouldn't have any issues at launch, and recently paid a visit to developer Rare to check out Sea of Thieves, a game which he is emphasizing its "long-term growth."

Source: [Twitter]

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