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Phil Spencer: Fable Series Has "A Lot Of Places It Could Go"

Where would you like it to go?

Phil Spencer: Fable Series Has "A Lot Of Places It Could Go"

After Microsoft canceled Fable Legends and closed down developer Lionhead Studios, we all assumed it was the last we'd hear of the Fable series. But that may not be the case anymore.

There's no hard evidence, but Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer shed some light on the series' future. Answering questions on Twitter, he stated that the franchise "has a lot of places it could go" but that there was "nothing to announce right now."

This could very well mean the return of the series, or at the very least, it shows that Microsoft hasn't completely abandoned the idea. 

Fable 3 was released in 2010, a whopping 7 years ago on the Xbox 360. Since then, spin-off titles Fable Heroes and Fable: The Journey released to nothing really positive to note. Fable Legends was to be an online co-op multiplayer game before it was canceled.

In other Fable news, ex-series creator Peter Molyneux is working on a new title with his new studio 22Cans.

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