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Phantomlord freaking out in champion selection made my day

I watch a lot of League of Legends streams. Not only is it great entertainment to watch high elo or pro players pull off great moves, but you genuinely learn. But isn't it great when you can get a great laugh while learning how to be a better player?

Phantomlord is a very entertaining player to watch, not only because of his play, but because of how animated he is. I stumbled across a Reddit post titled "I PICKED WHAT?!". In the clip, Phantomlord's LoL client is bugging out and he keeps getting an error whenever he's trying to pick a champion. He ends up getting Tryndamere and freaks out. Well, he freaks out the whole time. Whatever, it's funny and worth a minute and a half of your time to watch.

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[Source: Reddit]

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