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PGW 2017: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis gets reveal trailer and release date

The final character episode gets a release date.

Final Fantasy XV wraps up its character episodes with Episode Ignis, which was revealed earlier today at Sony's PGW presentation. This latest DLC, as you might imagine, focuses on the more sullen companion Ignis, filling in the gaps following the trial of Leviathan after Noctis passes out from the battle. The battle in Altissia kept going even with the king out of the action, and as you can see from the mighty Titan punching an airship in the belly, it was quite the spectacle.

Here's the trailer:

Ignis takes his fight to the streets and rooftops of Altissia and joins forces with a new companion, Ravus. Ignis' daggers can be given elemental properties, and with his unique move "Total Clarity," he can target and attack multiple enemies at once, instrumental when in a battle against overwhelming odds. 

Episode Ignis will also feature multiple endings, so players will have some added incentive to replay the DLC and uncover them all. And of course, most importantly, we'll be able to play Final Fantasy XV's latest DLC later this year on December 13th, 2017.


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