Petz Bunnyz Bunch Hopping on the DS This Easter Season

Screenshot - 841168

Big things are happening. The Legend of Zelda just turned 25. In a few short months, many religious folks will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. And now we have an event that quite possibly supersedes both of those memorable moments: Petz Bunnyz Bunch is coming to the Nintendo DS on March 8!

Raise one of eight different breeds of bunnies—I mean, "bunnyz"—feed them their favorite treats, show them the world, and let them go on grand adventures. If you were waiting for a reason to wait on upgrading to a 3DS, Petz Bunnyz Bunch is just what you need. Why settle for snazzy stereoscopic 3D visuals and functional gyroscopic motion controls when you can be playing with a bunch o' bunnyz?

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