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Petman Robot is a Real-Life Mega Man


The robotics firm Boston Dynamics is well known for their creation Big Dog, the load-bearing military robot which can cross almost any type of terrain, and even jump over obsticles. Though as cool as the robot mutt was, it pales in comparison to cyber-warrior Petman, which shows us that the future is here, and it is totally awesome.

Sure, Petman has a blinking light for a head, but look at how it moves! Bipedal movement is actually crazy to accomplish, a constant balancing act thought only humans were capable of. And yet here comes Petman, big steppin' like a boss

Boston Dynamics claims the robot is built to stress-test military gear, which is the stupidest cover-story for a murderous squad of robotic drones that I've ever heard. Not to mention that while America built themselves both Mega Man AND a robot dog for him ride on, Japan, the supposed robot capital of the world, was busy making little baby robots that fall down. 

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

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