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Petition started for Tomb Raider on Wii U


The gaming community is at it again. In addition to wanting some Dark Souls 2 love on the Wii U, it seems folks also want to experience Lara Croft's upcoming adventure on Nintendo's new console, too.

A petition was started on for Tomb Raider to be developed for the Wii U. I suppose it makes sense, right? I mean, it's an upcoming action-adventure game that looks pretty damn promising, so Nintendo fans want it on their console.

Admittedly, I think this would be pretty cool for Wii U owners. If Crystal Dynamics can incorporate some slick GamePad features, it would make the Wii U version of Tomb Raider pretty unique. But you know what? Even if the developer chose not to add snazzy GamePad features, who's to say Nintendo fans don't deserve some third-party goodness?

A lot of folks will argue that the Wii U's status as an HD console makes it a great platform for developers to consider aside from just the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. When you really think about it, that's a valid argument.

If you want to play Tomb Raider on the Wii U, or if you just want to see more devs releasing content across all current consoles, well, there's a petition with your name on it. Figuratively speaking, anyway ... unless you actually sign it.

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