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Peter Molyneux: Microsoft, Xbox One strategy unfairly judged

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Peter Molyneux -- the former founder and boss of Lionhead Studios from 1997 to 2012 -- recently sounded off, defending Microsoft's Xbox One strategy. Molyneux, who is now creative director of his indie start-up 22Cans, said in an interview with TechRadar, "I know Microsoft, I know they were only doing things because they thought they were long-reaching and long-thinking."

Molyneux continued, "But the world we live in now is that we have to realize, especially if you're a big corporation, if you make one step wrong, the world will leap on you, and unfairly, very unfairly, they will judge you."

During the interview with TechRadar, Molyneux also spoke about consoles being online all the time. 

"Whether as consumer we like it or not, just like every form of technology interaction, there's an inevitability of online. We know that online is so much a part of our existence now that we're going to be in a world very soon where we have to be online all the time.

"A mobile device is more and more non-functional without a connection to the internet, and why should that be any different for consoles?"

With all due respect to Mr. Molyneux, Microsoft was judged fairly based on a series of public relations blunders, telling its consumer base to 'deal with' its decisions, and not knowing what to even say about their own choices and practices. The world may very well be moving toward being always online, but there's still a choice -- a choice that Microsoft was taking away from consumers. Those are just some of the problems. 

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