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Peter Molyneux departs Microsoft and Lionhead Studios


Today Peter Molyneux, co-founder of games companies Bullfrog and Lionhead Studios, has announced his leave from Microsoft and Lionhead Studios, developer of the popular Fable series.

Molyneux departed Bullfrog in 1997 for Lionhead, which Microsoft acquired in 2006, leading to the development of games exclusively for the Xbox 360.

"It is with mixed emotions that I made the decision to leave Microsoft and Lionhead Studios, the company that I co-founded in 1997, at the conclusion of development of Fable: The Journey," he told Kotaku. "I remain extremely passionate and proud of the people, products, and experiences that we created, from Black & White to Fable to our pioneering work with Milo and Kate for the Kinect platform. However, I felt the time was right to pursue a new independent venture."

Early this morning, Molyneux (@pmolyneux) tweeted, "I have left the lovely amazing Microsoft and lionhead. Now for something really amazing, scary and brave a new company called 22 Cans." Former Lionhead chief technical officer Tim Rance started 22 Cans only recently.

Following the announcement of his departure, Microsoft called Molyneux "one of our most passionate and influential developers for the Xbox 360 platform."

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