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PETA’s parody Pokémon Black and Blue, if you love Pokémon then you hate Pokémon


I’m often ridiculed in the office for never playing a Pokémon game.  I guess that doesn’t make me a real gamer?  I don’t know.  I think I was just too old by the time Pokémon went viral.  Regardless, I’ve officially played PETA’s version of Pokémon more than any other Pokémon game ever…

So yes, PETA has yet another new animal rights video game based off “animal” treatment from a video game.  Pokémon Black and Blue is a flash based game where the Pokémons fight for their freedom while spreading the word of Pokémon mistreatment.  The name plays off the title of the most recent Pokémon game, Pokémon Black and White Version 2

With abilities such as ‘protest’ and ’group hug,’ you battle your way through four different fights.  After each battle you gain another abused and angry Pokémon for your cause.  Can you teach your old abusers the wrongs of their ways?  From what I’m told it plays and sounds just like a Pokémon game so kudos to PETA on that.

The thing is… Pokémon aren’t real animals.  Are they even animals?  To me, this seems equal to PETA protecting unicorns or basilisks.  I get the point, I do.  Market something like Pokémon that a young demographic will understand and use them to show how fantasy violence can relate to real life animal violence; Pokémon teaches children that it’s okay to be hurt and mistreat animals.  I get it.  It’s Pokémon though, I don’t think people will take it seriously.    

Well, the game is below, that’s where the music is coming from.  Turn it off if you want.  The entire game shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to play all the way through.  There are also cards, catch them all!  I named my Snivey Mundo because of the syringe in his head.

Violence is still the answer, as long as it’s not towards animals?

Mundo goes where pleases

Poke Peta

Poke Masters

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