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Persona 2 Trailer Demonstrates Demon Negotiation


I don't know why, but there's something dangerously addictive about raising monsters on the go. I remember that initial wave of Tamagotchi mania, fighting my way through the local K-Mart in hopes of securing that little digital egg for myself, forced to fight off waves of small idealistic children using my devastating roundhouse kick. I spent that weekend in the county jail, happily playing with my new toy while imagining the bruised and battered bodies of those tiny foes who had dared to stand between me and the stupid novelty I eventually threw away after about a month.

Point is, the Tamagotchis and the Pokemans are for the childrens. I'm a grown ass man and I demand the right to force various demons into servitude using subtle linguistic trickery. Thankfully Atlus's Persona series is back on the PSP, with Persona 2 Innocent Sin. Given that both the first and third game in this Shin Megami Tensei offshoot have both already made an appearance, it'll be nice to bridge the gap between them. Not that it matters, since I barely have any idea what these weird goth kids are talking about half the time, but whatever! Demon catching! That's why you're here, right!? Check out the trailer...

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