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Persona 5 receives Japanese release date, new collector's edition announced

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Finally, the countdown for the Persona 5 announcement has ended and with that fans will be pleased to hear some big news have been released. Atlus has just confirmed that Persona 5 will be launching on September 15 in Japan, and alongside it will come a newly announced collector's edition.
The "Anniversary Edition" of Persona 5 will come with an art book, a soundtrack with songs from previous Persona games, and series-inspired DLC, including outfits from Persona 3 and 4. The collector's set will be available for 13,800 yen (roughly $128USD).
In addition to the release date and new collector's edition, Atlus also dropped a brand new trailer that is filled with new gameplay mechanics, anime-style cutscenes, and the official look at the release date, have a look at it above.
As of now, there is still no release date for western retailers, but it is said that Atlus will release the western version sometime in 2016.
Similar to most Persona games where the characters will be faced with inner problems, Persona 5 takes a slightly different spin on it giving the characters different battles to face. Most of the characters in Persona 5 will be labeled, judged and are living unfortunately, every day, which will make them have to rise up and escape the situations that are in front of them.
Persona 5 launches on September 15 in Japan for both the PS3 & PS4, stick with GameZone for further updates on a western release date.
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