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Persona 5 gets a perfect score in its first english version review

Looks like we might have yet another great 2017 game on our hands.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK has just released their April 2017 issue, and if you scroll over to the reviews section, there's one game that might stand out. That game is Persona 5, and it's got a perfect 10/10 score attached to it. OPM UK writer Jen Simpkins describes Persona 5 as "the most accomplished, accessible, precocious modern JRPG out there" and "an unabashed masterpiece." 

She also said:

"Whether you’re a series fan, a JRPG evangelist or a total turn-based newcomer, this is an essential play. Persona 5 is packed with stuff to do, expertly put together and exquisite to the last pixel."

Sure it's about as small a sample size as they come, but if the series' history is any indication, we might better prepare for yet another great 2017 game to demand our time and money.

And boy, will Persona 5 demand your time. Average playthroughs are rumored to last around 80 hours, which falls in line with previous entries in the series. actually lists a Persona 5 playthrough to last 104 hours, but that seems a little bit excessive. Then again, this is Persona we're talking about so who knows.

Persona 5 releases in full on April 4th, 2017 for PS4 and PS3.

Source: [OPM UK Issue 134 (April 2017) via PlayStation Universe]

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