Persona 4 for PS Vita adds new areas, mopeds

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Persona 4 launched late in the Playstation 2's lifespan, meaning it unfortunately wasn't on the radar for many gamers. That's why the game's PS Vita port seems a perfect chance for RPG junkies to enjoy this classic entry in the series, and we're hoping that Atlus makes the decision to bring the game to American Vita owners. Though for those of us who've already played Persona 4, it's worth questioning whether this portable release will have anything new to offer.

Well, what more could you ask for than mopeds?!

Siliconera reports that Persona 4 features not only a new town and beach area, but also the ability to ride around on a spiffy little scooter. Not only can you presumably use the moped to get around from area to area, but it seems there will also be the ability to use your bike in battle? 

Exciting news for Persona fans to be sure. Though now that a Persona fighting game is on the way, we're crossing our fingers for a full-fledged moped racing game as well!

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