Persona 4 Arena Ultimax shows off Adachi and Marie for cynical poetry

Youstupidjerkihateyou! Adachi and Marie together again, it’s like the announcement of Persona 4 Golden all over again. In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax they are two DLC characters that will be available for free the first week after release. What’s the saying, great things come in pairs? Or is that threes… I’m not good with sayings.

Adachi comes revolver in hand with his trusty persona Magatsu-Izanagi. Together, the two will bring despair on whoever they come across. “You act high and mighty, but lose and you’re just a loser.” I love it. Then of course there is Marie. The fact that she runs onscreen and grabs her poetry before the match starts is absolutely glorious. She’s not alone either though, she has her persona Kaguya with her.

Enjoy this DLC combo trailer!

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