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Perfect World Beta Launches & New Trailer Released

August 19, 2008


Popular MMORPG Redefines Free-To-Play Game Space with Premium Content

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. ("PWE" or the "Company"), a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd., today announced the closed beta for its highly anticipated online game "Perfect World International" has now officially launched. Beginning today, registered gamers will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the expansive game world and experience "Perfect World International" prior to its open beta this fall.

"Today's beta launch is an exciting milestone for us as it provides the opportunity for North American gamers to receive their first introduction to Perfect World International," said Dr. Alan Chen, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment Inc. "Providing early access to the full game underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction while demonstrating the well-designed, high quality entertainment experience that gamers can expect from Perfect World International."

"Perfect World International" is the English-based, international version of Perfect World II. With millions of players worldwide, the game has been heralded as one of the most successful 3D MMORPGs in a number of countries. "Perfect World International" offers an immersive online world with three unique races and six different classes; all the while maintaining its free-to-play business model. In addition, it boasts one of the most in-depth character creation interfaces known to date, numerous quests full of lore and depth, and an extensive selection of customizable fashion items.

Fans of PVP will also enjoy Territory Wars, a unique feature in "Perfect World International" in which guilds fiercely compete in weekly battles to dominate certain parts of the world. The victors walk away with a great deal of reward in addition to the many added benefits that the conquered territory provides.

For additional information on "Perfect World International" and the closed beta, visit

Click here to download:

Perfect World II MS (Multilanguage Service) Character Customization Video

Perfect World II MS (Multilanguage Service) Humans Dev Diary

Perfect World II MS (Multilanguage Service) Action Trailer

Perfect World II MS (Multilanguage Service) Trailer

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