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Perfect World Entertainment launching browser-based MMO

Perfect World Entertainment MMO Fortuna

Perfect World Entertainment has made a living off free-to-play MMOs. But the publisher, best known for their games Star Trek Online and Neverwinter, is about to launch a browser-based strategy MMO game later this week. This will be the first browser-based endeavor for Perfect World, which up until now has only published client-based titles.

The game is called Fortuna, a Civ-like game where players build up an empire, form alliances, trade resources and put armies to the test. 

Andrew Brown, general manager at Perfect World Entertainment, said, "Fortuna is a first for our company, which has previously focused on publishing client-based PC titles. As with all our titles, our number one goal is to connect players around the world through games of the highest quality, regardless of platform or genre. 

At Perfect World's site for Fortuna, there's not a ton of information on the game, but it does describe the game like this:

Enter Fortuna, a war torn world full of conflict and political intrigue. Set in Europe during its golden age of discovery while the noble families of the Medici, Fugger, and Tudors vie for influence and control, players will be charged with developing their empire, amassing armies, leading troops into battle and forming alliances in their quest to tip the scales of power in their favor. To the victor go the spoils. Start your legacy today and rewrite history in Fortuna.

As for the combat side (because who doesn't love fighting?), you can recruit powerful generals like Jeanne D'Arc and Christopher Columbus to lead your armies in battle, where generals and units grow in power. There are also over 20 types of military units, and the combat system allows for a wide array of strategies.

Fortuna is set to launch July 18. 

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