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Pentakill App ‘Revenge of the Devs’ League of Legends event recap


So on August 15th, I had the opportunity and honor to participate in the event “Revenge of the Devs” put on by the good folk over at Twin Engine Labs.  To kick off ‘The Analyzer’ aspect of their new Pentakill App, they hosted this ‘Worst of Three’ League of Legends competition where literally the creators of the app would face up against the fans of their app.  Folk had the opportunity to sign up on the promotional website and then were chosen by random to participate.  This event was shout casted by Four Court Jester and Optimus Tom and live broadcasted on Jester's Twitch site.

The Pentakill App is a, iOS companion app for the popular MOBA League of Legends, for those just learning the game and just getting into ranked matches this app have everything you need; every character, every skin, every rune, every item, and it updates the same time Riot Games updates it.   For those more experienced players, there are advanced features such as screen analyzing that tells you who counters which characters and what items and techniques to use against them.  It’s very useful when trying out a new champ or laning against someone you’ve never played against before.  The app is free and the analyzer aspect costs $0.99.

After a few weeks of back and forth trash talking with the Pentakill dev team (Twitter), we were mental ready for the worst of three.  I met my teammates literally as the game started, they were all highly skilled and awesome folk.  I have to admit, this event was easily one of my favorite moments playing League of Legends ever.  ‘Worst of Three’ means three matches regardless of the outcomes.  Each person on both teams had a roll that we all played in each of the three games, I was the fan team’s AP mid. 

Instead of giving the play by play, I’ll just let you watch the outcomes in the videos below posted on Four Court Jester’s YouTube page.  GameZone’s own Graphic Mike put together some hilarious Photoshop jobs for the devs and the characters they were playing as a thank you for the experience.  Download this app – it’s free, check out the pictures below, and watch the worst of three videos below.  Awesome experience over all.   

Welcome to the League of Pralay!

League of Pralay

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


Dazzle Keith

TooTubler Varis

Secret Weapon TF

Yorick Puns

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