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Penny Arcade signs deal with publisher Oni Press


Penny Arcade is one of the most popular video game-related comic strips on the web, and now its creators have secured a deal with comic book publisher Oni Press to serialize their work in print.

Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik announced the news at Emerald City Comic Con today, confirming that Oni Press will begin publishing their web comic starting with volume eight, Magical Kids in Danger—a 112-page book that contains every entry from 2007. It will feature commentary from Holkins, a glimpse into Krahulik's process of designing the cover, and a forward by Cliff Bleszinski (director of Epic Games, the company behind Gears of War).

“I’ve always felt the two endeavors were simpatico," said George Rohac, operations director at Oni Press. "The same people who read Penny Arcade and play video games are likely to dig Scott Pilgrim and The Sixth Gun, and vice versa.”

The book is due for release on August 29 and will cost $14.99.

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