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Penny Arcade's Gabe Not Digging Skyrim


Last night at midnight, Skyrim finally made its way into the hands of eager gamers worldwide. However one of those men is not so excited about the game, artist Mike Krahulik of the webcomic Penny Arcade ranting a bit alongside today's comic.

"The people still look stupid most of the time and the voice acting is pretty spotty" he says, leveling his first criticism. Though he claims to have enjoyed running around the world for a bit, including trying to cure his character's vampirism, it was the stale combat which really disapointed him. "There’s just nothing to the combat. Killing a cave full of vampires is cool because at the end I got a rad sword but actually fighting them was pretty boring. Fighting shit in Skyrim isn’t about how well you can manipulate your controller, it’s about numbers. The level of your shit vs. the level of whatever you’re pointing your hands at."

Another big complain of Krahulik's was the load times for the 360 version of the game. "So much of the game is about exploring and I enjoyed doing that out in the wilderness but in towns it drives me crazy" he says, referring to the long load times within town areas, which put a damped on his exploration. Though he admits the PC version probably doesn't have that particular problem, he feels it is a major issue with the 360 version. 

His last complaint though, seems a bit unreasonable. Simply: Skyrim offers the player too much to do, giving Krahulik a bit of anxiety.

"When I meet a group of people in Skyrim and they want me to join their cult or whatever I just freeze up. If I do join it, will I miss out on some cool thing later? If I don’t join it, are they going to have some rad adventure without me?"

There's too much awesome stuff to do in your videogame? We call these "first-world problems" Mike.

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