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Peach, Kirby and Fox were almost in Skylanders SuperChargers

Obviously, they didn't make it.

Skylanders SuperChargers is bringing a lot of new features to the Skylanders franchise when it releases on September 20. There are three different planes, Land, Sea and Air, all with their own unique vehicles, racing, and online multiplayer.

It's also bringing something else -- Nintendo characters like supercharged versions of Bowser and Donkey Kong. These characters will get their own amiibo figures and will feature a switch in their base that switches them into Skylanders mode.

It could have been better though, if Nintendo hadn't shot down Developer Vicarious Visions imagination.

According to recent revelations, Peach, Kirby and Fox almost made it into the game. If they had made it into the game, Peach would have been dubbed Warrior Princess Peach and would be equipped with a sword to battle against Kaos' minions. Unfortunately, Peach didn't make it in because Nintendo made all Super Mario Bros. characters off limits.

Kirby, who has awesome abilities to begin with, nearly made it into the game to suck up enemies and bounce about... But Nintendo doesn't fully own Kirby and were unable to license him out to Activision. Fox was held back by his own upcoming game, Star Fox Zero. Nintendo didn't want Fox competing for his own attention.



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