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PDC World Championship Darts 2009 - Think you know darts? Prove it!!

February 26, 2009

PDC World Championship Darts 2009 - Think you know darts? Prove it!!

Taylor the best ever? Wade the future? Mardle the most exciting?

Think you know darts? Well step up to the Forum Oche, fire your opinions and let’s see how much you really do know!

We know that darts fans and gamers are passionate and want to be heard – well now there’s a place you can let us, and every other dart fan in the world know what you think! Not just about the new Darts game coming out on Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ but anything to do with Darts!

On the forum you have a chance to give us advice on what to put into the darts game, talk about anything to do with darts, or even if just want to talk about anything else that’s on your mind (within reason of course!)

And that’s not all. Time to time we are going to have guest celebrities on the forum such as Taylor, Barney, Wade, Mardle, Jenkins, Part and many more! So feel free to post your questions on the “Ask the Pros” Forum to these guys and we’ll make sure they let you know what they think!

So now you have a chance to talk about your favourite sport with many other darts fans and the pros so what are you waiting for? Check out  and click on “Forum” to chat Darts all day and night!

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