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PC Gamer Offers 90-Minute Minecraft Demo


PC Gamer is catering to fans interested in Mojang's infinitely addictive game Minecraft by offering a free demo of the retail (beta) version. In a time limit of 90 minutes, gamers have the chance to explore a randomly generated world and accomplish absolutely nothing.

It offers the full Minecraft experience—a far cry from the free Classic version. Every item, mineral, and tool is unlocked for your perusal, and don't be surprised if you come out of the experience with an urge to purchase the full beta version.

The PC Gamer exclusive download has specially made branded cows, too, so enjoy them while you can.

Minecraft is currently undergoing a patch of updates, with the latest integrating wolves and weather such as snow and rain. Achievements are coming soon and will almost certainly multiply the amount of time everyone spends on the hit indie title.

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