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Mass Effect 3  - 875962

Mass Effect 3 | Special Forces Multiplayer Trailer

It will take more than just Shepard and his team to save the Galaxy from the Reaper onslaught. When the time comes, send in the Special Forces! Take a good look at the classes and races available to play in this highly anticipated multiplayer mode coming to Mass Effect 3. Read More

Prototype 2  - 875960

Prototype 2 | Best Buy Hardened Steel Pre-Order Exclusive

North American fans who pre-order PROTOTYPE 2 at Best Buy will gain exclusive access to Sgt. James Heller's Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor. Once Heller enters any military vehicle, this unique upgrade allows him to shrug off even the most devastating attacks, whether fighting off individual enemy soldiers, helicopters, tanks and APCs, or all of the above. Read More

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