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PC version of Shoot Many Robots playable at PAX East


Announced yesterday that Shoot Many Robots will be made available for PC via Steam on April 6th, Demiurge Studios will allow fans to play the PC version of Shoot Many Robots at PAX East during the convention on April 6th through 8th.

The PC version will include lots of platform-specific goodies for those who decide to pre-order from now until launch.

At PAX, however, there will be a several PC kiosks set up at the booth with playable versions of the game.

According to the press release:

Demiurge will be hosting The Great Control Scheme Throwdown! The default control scheme for the console version of Shoot Many Robots used a single stick for running and shooting (like classic run-and-gunners such as Metal Slug), but many players prefer a more modern, dual-stick approach (like more recent entries to the genre such as Crash Commando). On display at booth 612, they’ll have a special build of the game rigged with both control schemes and will be hosting head-to-head competitions of Shoot Many Robots featuring each of the options. At the end of PAX, a victor will be declared. To show that they’re willing to put their money where their mouths are - if they end up patching Shoot Many Robots (which is not a certainty in the console world), they will include controller configuration in the patch and will set the default to whatever wins at PAX!

Demiurge will also take part in a PAX East panel, titled "Finding the Soul of Your Game" at 10 a.m. EST.  The discussion will emphasize points around the evolution of a working title like how tough decisions are made, the struggles of a game in its adolescenes, and how everything comes together from chaos to cohesion at the end.

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