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PC game releases for February 2014


Now that we've covered the games coming to each console this month, it's time we turn our attention to the PC master race. Because PC is more of an open platform, we won't be listing every game coming during the month of February, below you can find a list of notable titles worth keeping an eye on. Some are exclusive to PC, while others will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles. Without further ado, here's what PC owners can expect this month:

The Wolf Among Us - Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors - PC - February 4, 2014

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2

Telltale Games new series, The Wolf Among Us, continues with the release of Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors. Playing as Bigby Wolf, the sherriff of Fabletown, you continue to investigate the murder of Faith while simultaneously keeping the other fairytale characters in line. As is the case with past Telltale Games, Episode 2 takes into account the choices you made in the previous episode and will react accordingly.

The LEGO Movie Videogame - PC - February 7, 2014

LEGO Video game

The LEGO Movie Videogame is a spin-off of Warner Bros. upcoming game, The LEGO Movie. The game's plot revolves around the film in that it centers on a perfectly average minifigure named Emmet who is tasked with saving the world even though, you know, we already have heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman. Like previous TT Games LEGO titles, I'm sure this will be jam-packed with puzzles and humorous dialogue. Odds are if you are a fan of other LEGO titles, you'll enjoy this.

Banished - PC - February 18, 2014


Banished is a city-building strategy game with a focus on resource management and survival. You control a group of exiled travelers who decide to restart their lives in a new land. With only the clothes on their back and cart filled with supplies, it's up to you to establish a new home, keep the population alive, and grow it into a successful culture.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - PC - February 25, 2014

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is the conclusion to the epic Lords of Shadow saga. Gabriel Belmont, now known as Dracula, returns once again, weakened and yearning for release from his immortal bonds. Faced with a new, more powerful threat, Dracula must first reacquire his powers from his famed castle.  Lords of Shadow 2 replaces the previous game's magic system with the Void Sword and the Chaos Claws, a careful system that balances health replenishment and damage.

Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry - PC - February 25, 2014

Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry

This is a standalone version of the already-released downloadable content for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. It tells the story of Adéwalé, a man born into slavery who would later become second-in-command for AC4's main story protagonist Captain Edward Kenway. Set 15 years after the events of the main campaign, Adéwalé is shipwrecked in 18th-century Haiti. In an effort to return to the sea, Adéwalé helps the locals in exchange for a crew and a ship, but the more he fights for freedom from slavery, the more he is forced to face his past. I personally don't understand the purpose of its release, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

Thief - PC - February 25, 2014


Thief is a reinvention of the franchise that helped define an entire genre of games. In the game, you control Garrett, a master thief who relies on the cover of shadows to steal from the rich. Though, gameplay is choice-driven -- with a number of possible paths and approaches -- stealth will always be your best option. To aid you, Thief introduces "focus," an optional new mode that speeds up Garrett's reaction times and giving the player an edge over the surroundings.

Divinity: Original Sin - PC - February 28, 2014

Divinity Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin is a 3D RPG with "old school" roots. It goes back to the values of memorable cRPGs: isometric, party based, turn based, deep story with choice and consequence, profound character and party development, and a huge interactive world. That's barely scratching the surface, also. Divinity: Original Sin was first released as an Early Access title on Steam, but its official release is February 28, 2014.

Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition - PC - February 28, 2014

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition

Fan of Resident Evil 4? Often heralded as one of the best Resident Evil games ever made, it's finally coming to PC -- with a slew of changes and upgrades. Among the new features include Steam platform support with Achievements, cloud saving, trading cards, global leaderboards, and full game controller support. What's more, the PC version will include everything from the prior iterations including previously released bonus content. As for the actual story, you play as special agent Leon S. Kennedy who is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. President's daughter who has been kidnapped. How exactly do zombies play a role in this? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.

As I mentioned, there are other PC games due out in February, far too many for me to list here; but, if you have a favorite that you think people should know about, let us hear about it in the comments below.

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