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PAX Prime 2011 - Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 Announced


I guess if you were going to announce a sequel to the Penny Arcade video game series "On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness" there'd be no better place to do it than at PAX Prime, the site's wildly-popular convention celebration of all things nerdy. The episodic RPG had been stalled following the second installment, as developer Hothead Games went off to make buckets of money with the 'Deathspank' series of games. As a result, it was believed the Penny Arcade Adventures would never be finished, though it appears the saga may finally begin winding to a close thanks to the assistance of a well-known indie developer.

Zeboyd Games is known for developing retro-styled titles such as Breath of Death VII, which playfully pokes fun at the 16-Bit RPGs of old. Apparently the boys of Penny Arcade were so impressed with their various indie doings, that they've put episode 3 in this rookie studio's capable hands. This will definitely be a huge step in a new direction for the series, likely abandoning the traditional 3D visuals for the studios trademark pixelated look. We'll be looking forward to seeing what they come up with when the game launches sometime in 2012.

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