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PAX 10 Winner The Amazing Brain Train! to arrive on WiiWare Jan. 18

January 13, 2010

PAX 10 Winner The Amazing Brain Train! to arrive on WiiWare Jan. 18

NinjaBee brings Grubby Games star Professor Fizzwizzle to new platform

Professor Fizzwizzle, the diminutive genius and star of the 2008 PAX 10 award-winning PC title, The Amazing Brain Train!, will make his debut in a new destination, Nintendo WiiWare, the Wii system’s downloadable service, on Monday Jan. 18, 2010. Players will be able to hop on board and begin their own brain-boositng adventure for only 600 Wii Points (USD $6).

The new WiiWare title takes players on a mind-sharpening journey around Professor Fizzwizzle’s cartoon world stopping only to solve challenges and help his friends along the way. Fueled only by mental energy, The Amazing Brain Train! guides the player through 15 different mini-games in three addictive game play modes—quest, test and practice.

“This is one of the few brain training games that has a quest/story mode,” said Joey Kendall, Lead Programmer at NinjaBee. “It adds new goals and more purpose to the mini-games. The story is silly but it’s kind of like watching a Disney movie – it’s cute but there’s a lot of humor in there that only an adult would understand. It adds great comic relief.”

More than a year of work has been put into fine-tuning The Amazing Brain Train! and adapting it for the Wii. The result is a fun, ultra-challenging and addictive brain training game that is unlike any other in the WiiWare library.

“This is no ordinary brain game,” said Ryan Clark, co-founder of Grubby Games. “The Amazing Brain Train! contains features never before seen in the genre. It’s a departure from the minimalist brain games we’ve seen in the past. You can forget about goal-less gameplay: The Amazing Brain Train! is packed with quests, trophies and high scores that add an aspect of gameplay that other brain games just don’t have.”

The game includes 32 unlockable trophies, 16 categories of high score competition, unlockable tracks and quests, plus a test mode that grades your brain power and tells you just how far your mental juice can carry you.

“The game does a really good job of rewarding you for doing well,” Kendall said. “It kind of triggers that ‘achievement mentality.’ You get a couple trophies and find yourself saying, ‘I’ve got to get all of those.’”

The Amazing Brain Train! was originally released for PC, Mac and Linux in May of 2008 and in July of that year, the game was selected out of hundreds of entries as one of 10 games to be featured at the Penny Arcade Expo.

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